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Land Mobile Radio Market Size, Application Analysis, Growth, Trends And Forecasts, 2012 To 2020

Industry Insight

Land Mobile Radio technology is a wireless communications system projected for utilization by worldwide users on foot portables or in vehicles This LMR systems are used by emergency responder organizations such as fire fighters, ambulance service, police, and dispatched services, public work organizations such as numerous field staff, taxis, and companies with large vehicle fleets.
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Land mobile radio market is expected to grow over the forecast period due to the significance of mission critical operations and expansions of long term evolution. LMR is denoted as professional mobile radio in North America and private mobile radio In UK. Land mobile radio system is wireless communication system which is used in emergency services, police departments and public work organizations. Land mobile radio can be utilized in various sectors such as military and commercial construction.

Long term evolution network which is in high demand by market is integrated with the land mobile radio equipments. The growth is mainly driven by the rising adoption of LMR system by small, medium and large scale organizations for speeding up their operations. Few other factors which can drive the land mobile radio market are transportation applications of LMR system.

Application Insight

Land mobile radio system is widely utilized for emergency first responder. It can be used in commercial, military, transportation and construction. Business organizations and governments require strong, secured, and reliable wireless communications systems for various reasons such as security purpose and enforcement. LMR tools are estimated to be an important solution to serve this task. In addition, LMR systems are capable of delivering commands, outstanding control and have communication capabilities. LMR comprises of different components which are used in healthcare domain such as network switches, handheld two way radio, infrastructure components, and network.
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End-Use Insights

Construction sector and Transportation sector are expected to be the main end use segment in the forecast period. Land mobile radio is broadly used as transportation application. Commercial segment is anticipated to witness significant development over next six years owing to the opportunities typically available in two frequencies, UHF and the VHF frequency bands. Due to the increasing demand of land mobile radio by corporate user and its significance in many applications are the factors expected for the market growth in upcoming years. 
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The land mobile radio faces some challenges with respect to security and mission critical information which may hamper utilization of land mobile radio systems. Transportation, healthcare and construction sector are expected to grow significantly owing to the increasing use of Land mobile radio and speedy technological development.

Regional Insights
North America is expected to dominate the land mobile radio market followed by Europe. Due to the increasing demand in land mobile radio system in Europe, it is expected to be the market leader over next six years followed by Asia Pacific. The increasing demand for land mobile radio systems and the expansion of automobile sector in Asia Pacific within countries such as India and China can be major contributor for revenue generation.

Competitive Insights

The Land mobile radio system market comprises companies including Motorola solutions, Hariss Corporation, Nokia networks, Thales group, TE connectivity ltd. These three major players generate almost two-third of the global market revenue contribution. As of 2012, Motorola is the market leader which generated approximately 50% revenue.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary & Land Mobile Radio industry critical success factors
2.       Industry Outlook
3.       Industry Dynamics
4.       Land Mobile Radio Market drivers
5.       Land Mobile Radio Market restraints
6.       Land Mobile Radio Key Market Opportunities
7.       Land Mobile Radio Porters Analysis
8.       Land Mobile Radio - PESTEL Analysis
9.       Land Mobile Radio - Company Market Share Analysis
10.   Land Mobile Radio Application Outlook
11.   Land Mobile Radio Regional Outlook
12.   Land Mobile Radio Company profiles
13.   Research Methodology
14.   Research scope & assumptions
15.   List of data sources
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